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Mothers@Agencies: February 27 - May 22, 2019

A Transformational Coaching Program for Agency Leaders

Dates: February 27 - May 22, 2018 | Time: 1pm-2pm Eastern

The 4A’s Mothers@Agencies leadership development program coaches mothers to thrive in this fast-paced agency environment, encouraging them to make bigger contributions, and motivating them to stick around. We know that when mothers shift their perspectives on their work, it becomes contagious and they bring their colleagues along with them. Furthermore, this clarity has exponential impact on both the business and the agency. Only this live, virtual coaching program invites mothers in agencies to learn, share and experience powerful leadership concepts that results in greater confidence, enhanced productivity, stronger relationships and improved work/life balance. This investment in our future leaders is profoundly needed. The unique program guides each participant to hone in on her own definition of success while becoming clear on the immediate actions necessary to impact her whole life. Mothers meet bi-weekly over 16-weeks with a certified coach team who have spent dozens of years in agencies. The coaches expertly steer the conversation and guide mothers to transformation. We invite you send the powerful message on your agency’s values by identifying key agency mothers to join in the Mothers@Agencies experience.


  • Designed for agency mothers at all stages of motherhood, including expectant mothers, new mothers, and experienced mothers

  • Built for agency mothers across all agency disciplines and levels

  • HR leaders/management who are mothers are also encouraged to attend to learn the transformation they can bring to their agency