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Establishing and maintaining partnerships is a critical part of agency life, and there are all sorts of ways we can help. We invite our partners to share content with 4A’s Members and the industry at large.

We’re pleased to share sponsored partnership content for all industry professionals. Enjoy the complimentary on-demand courses from our partners below.



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Video’s Biggest Challenges: Ad Experience & Measurement

Free for both 4A's Members and Non-4A's Members

Learn about how video impacts your ad experience, measurement, and strategy in this exclusive course!

  • Implement video in your strategy.

  • Gain access to real-world examples, research, and strategy to learn what works (and what doesn’t)!


Rock Your LinkedIn Profile

 Free for both 4A's Members and Non-4A's Members

Learn to leverage your LinkedIn profile to get more leads and build your brand!

  • Understand the importance of a strong professional brand on social media.

  • Discover how to create a rockstar profile.

  • Use your profile to continue growing your brand and reputation!

How Agencies Can Harness The Power of People-Based Marketing

 Free for both 4A's Members and Non-4A's Members

Brands want to execute people-based marketing across all channels and devices. How do we know? The largest brands have told us so, and studies by Morar Research confirm that 84% of marketers agree. Driving this demand is the need for more effective audience targeting, more precise and accurate measurement, and a more seamless brand experience across all consumer touchpoints. And these marketers are looking to agencies for help.As the people on the front lines, it’s up to agencies to guide brands toward success, and that starts with leveraging the people-based marketing tactics that are working so well on Facebook—everywhere else, too. In this webinar learn how people-based marketing has to power to level-up your marketing, including use cases from agencies already seeing success.

  • What People-Based Marketing is, and how it’s evolving

  • What agencies need to get started, from the know-how to tools and integrations

  • How and why to execute people-based planning, buying and measurement

  • The results and improvements people-based marketing delivers, from better ROI measurement to improving reach and frequency management

Beyond Impressions: How to Make Your Video Ad Results Stand Out from the Pack

 Free for both 4A's Members and Non-4A's Members

You’re under constant pressure to generate the most impactful video advertising results for your clients—and that’s why you can’t afford to judge a campaign’s success on impressions or clicks alone.

  • Why current standards for video advertising success are limited—and the metrics you should be focusing on instead

  • Why the video dominance of Facebook and Google has been vastly overstated

  • How to leverage video to engage in two-way conversations with consumers, allowing you to learn more about your clients’ target audiences and serve them content that’s more likely to convert

Preventing Discrimination and Harassment in the Creative Workplace Webinar

Free for both 4A's Members and Non-4A's Members

Surveys show that over 50% of women in advertising report experiencing sexual harassment.

Do you know how to handle complaints and allegations? Are your policies and procedures up-to-date? Are you creating a safe environment for all your employees so that you can attract and retain a diverse workforce that feels respected and included?

This webinar will review the relevant laws and definitions governing workplace discrimination and harassment, clarify the obligations of management and supervisors, review case studies, and discuss how these laws and obligations intersect in the context of a creative work environment.

  • What constitutes discrimination and harassment?

  • What is a hostile work environment?

  • When does bullying cross the line into illegal harassment?

  • What are the obligations of management and supervisors to recognize and prevent harassment?

  • What steps can your company take to prevent harassment and help create a safe work environment?

  • What’s the first thing to do on receipt of a complaint?

Stay on Top of YouTube’s Biggest Trends

Free for both 4A's Members and Non-4A's Members

In this course you will be presented with three top trending videos on YouTube from the past quarter that your audience is watching. The videos were handpicked as the most influential and impactful videos, representative of broader trends surfacing on YouTube. 
But what does this mean for agencies and their brands? With a series of discussion questions, we invite advertising creatives and media planners to unpack these trends and consider implications for future marketing opportunities. 

Intro to Advanced TV for Agencies, presented by dataxu®️

 Free for both 4A's Members and Non-4A's Members

Whether or not it’s Upfronts season, chances are that your agency does some type of TV or video buying for your clients. In 2018, the brands you work with are looking to learn more about innovative new forms of television, as well as the unique targeting and attribution capabilities they offer. This means it’s time for you to become an expert on all things Advanced TV.

This video course (made of 6 short, snackable modules) should take you no more than fifteen minutes total to complete. By the end of this course, you’ll have a newfound understanding of if Connected TV is right for your clients, and what to look out for when buying on their behalf.

Engaging Video Ad Experiences: Lessons for Today’s Marketers

 Free for both 4A's Members and Non-4A's Members

In an increasingly fragmented and competitive content environment, marketers need to know what strategies actually work.  Will fewer ads improve viewer experience? Are shorter ads better? How much does ad repetition annoy viewers?

  • The factors that impact viewers when watching ad-supported content: choreography, repetition, relevance, control, and execution

  • How the premium video experience compares to linear television and other forms of digital advertising

  • How the industry is using innovative new ad formats, including 6 second ads and interactive/ engagement ads