IPA Foundation Certificate

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IPA Foundation Certificate | 2019 Exam Dates Coming Soon!         

The 4A’s offers the award-winning IPA Foundation Certificate through a partnership with its UK-based sister organization the IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising). This edition is adapted for the North American market. A highly coveted credential for new industry hires, the certificate provides your agency’s talent, regardless of discipline, with the knowledge and expertise to perform their roles with confidence. More than 9000 industry professionals from more than 60 countries have achieved this qualification to date. 

Key Benefits

  • Enables agency practitioners to see a holistic picture of the brand communications process from start to finish
  • Breaks down silos, providing a means of learning across disciplines and highlighting the importance of integration
  • Provides best-practice strategies which are useful on a day-to-day basis
  • Allows candidates to see the world from their clients’ perspective
  • Offers an internationally recognized qualification from a leading industry trade organization

Designed For

  • New hires across all disciplines who have recently joined a role in the advertising, marketing or communications industry.


This certificate program consist of 35 hours of online learning with each learning path involving a number of e-lessons, key readers, assignments, walkthroughs, videos, discussion, and quizzes.

The areas covered are:

Advertising and Communication in Context

An introduction to the advertising world and the role agencies play within it, including advertising theories and the different types of advertising agencies.

Understanding the Client’s Business
How to improve our understanding of clients’ businesses and the world they live in, as well as the key fundamentals behind marketing.

The Strategic Planner’s Toolkit
An understanding of the tools that strategic planners have developed to help them understand consumers, business situations and brands, and ultimately to write effective strategies. It also explores how Behavioral Economics and Choice Architecture influence how consumers think and behave.

Client, Creative and Media Briefs
Explores three different briefs – the client brief, the media brief and the creative brief – including how the client brief is the foundation for all that follows and what a good brief should contain.

Understanding Media Channels and Media Planning
Enables a better understanding of the roles of the different media channels, as well as relative costs and timings.

Creativity and Creative Development
Examines how to think about and assess creative ideas, using eight tips as a framework. It also covers the need to balance ideas and the practicalities of implementing ideas, plus the roles and responsibilities of people involved in the advertising process.

Looks at the effectiveness of a campaign. Students will need to read three successful IPA Effectiveness Awards papers provided in this learning path. In the exam, they will be expected to answer a question based on one of them.




  • Cancellations will be charged at 50% up to 4 weeks from booking/start date of the course, after this period all cancellations will be charged at 100%.
  • Candidates will be required to complete the online learning 12 months after signing up. The online access will be ceased after 12-month period or 1 month following the completion of an exam.
  • 4A’s may in rare instances, and on short notice, need to reschedule, abbreviate or even cancel a program or may need to substitute a speaker; this may be caused, for example, by severe weather or other force majeure events. We will provide the earliest notice that we are reasonably able to provide under those circumstances.

Name Changes/Deferrals

  • There will be a deferral fee of £150/$197 (to be paid online in GBP) per candidate if they cannot sit the exam. This fee is paid online, directly to the IPA, following a deferral request.
  • Please note Candidates can only defer their place once and must select a next exam date at the point of deferral. Further deferrals following this will be charged full price again or will lose 100% charge of their booking.
  • There will be a name change fee of £50/$65 charged per change, paid directly to the IPA.
  • An alternative candidate name must be provided before £50/$65 charge. If this is not provided the candidate must follow cancellation policy. No name changes are accepted after the booking deadline.

No Shows/Re-sitting

  • A fee will be incurred if the participant is a 'no show' and requests to re-sit the exam at a later date without any contact regarding deferral or cancellation.
  • A fee of £150/$197 will apply and must be paid in full, directly to the IPA, at least 1 week prior to the exam.
  • Delegates that fail the exam may re-sit the exam at a nominated date. A fee of £150/$197 will apply and must be paid in full, directly to the IPA, when they agree the next exam date.
  • Please review the full policy here.

Questions: Please contact ipa@aaaa.org