Online Certifications

Through strategic partnerships, 4A’s provides online certifications for agency employees to substantiate their skills, further showcasing agency-wide capabilities to client partners.

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Trading Academy Certification

As programmatic advertising grows, so does the need to know more. How does it work? Why does it work? How can it benefit you? At the Trading Academy, we bring you the answers. Simply. Clearly. Across any device.

Whether you’re a media planner looking for a primer on the basics, or a Marketer looking for next-level strategies, the Trading Academy can help you become a thought leader in one of the most highly discussed digital topics - programmatic.

  • Enjoy eLearning video courses and document your studies with a certificate of completion
  • To receive certification, you will need to pass the Trading Academy Specialist exam
  • Monitor your progress via online testing, including section review quizzes and a final exam

IPA Foundation Certificate: September 24th Exam

The 4A’s offers the award-winning IPA Foundation Certificate through a partnership with its UK-based sister organization the IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising). This edition is adapted for the North American market. A highly coveted credential for new industry hires, the certificate provides your agency’s talent, regardless of discipline, with the knowledge and expertise to perform their roles with confidence. More than 9000 industry professionals from more than 60 countries have achieved this qualification to date.

Key Benefits

  • Enables agency practitioners to see a holistic picture of the brand communications process from start to finish
  • Breaks down silos, providing a means of learning across disciplines and highlighting the importance of integration
  • Provides best-practice strategies which are useful on a day-to-day basis
  • Allows candidates to see the world from their clients’ perspective
  • Offers an internationally recognized qualification from a leading industry trade organization