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Through strategic partnerships, 4A’s provides online certifications for agency employees to substantiate their skills, further showcasing agency-wide capabilities to client partners.

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IPA Global Foundation Certificate, April 15

4A's Member: $575 (Login with your 4A's Profile for Member Discount) / Non Member: $635

What Will You Learn

  • Gain an essential overview of all areas of advertising – this course will take you on a journey through the entire brand communication process in just 30 hours
  • Learn about the creative process, from fostering creativity in your everyday environment to understanding the invaluable role of media
  • Discover the importance of effectiveness to the industry and the development of theories
  • Build on your knowledge of the client and agency roles and the marketing tools available to today’s marketers and agencies while understanding how to perform your role with confidence and expertise

Who Should Attend

  • Individuals with less than a year's experience in an advertising, marketing or communications role
  • From recent graduates in their first year to young professionals just starting out or people entering the industry from another profession

IPA Eff Test Certificate, June 27

4A's Members: $700 (Login with your 4A's Profile for Member Discount) / Non-Members: $850 

What Will You Learn

  • Discover effective ways to prove the value of your contribution to your client’s business and improve your relationship with them by speaking their language
  • Learn how to utilize tools to measure multi-platform activity, from sponsorship, digital and promotional to CRM and DM activity
  • Create measurement programs that enable you to confidently and correctly analyze the impact and effect of any campaign
  • Write a brilliant effectiveness paper with the useful tactics we share with you

Who Should Attend

  • Primarily aimed at mid-level planners, account handlers and brand managers
  • Anyone involved in strategic development and the evaluation of effective creative work across all disciplines – be it agency or client side - will find this course invaluable

IPA Digital Performance Certificate, April 3

4A's Members: $450 (Login with your 4A's Profile for Member Discount) / Non Members: $500

What Will You Learn

  • Gain an essential grounding in how to be a successful client manager and strategic thinker.
  • Become better at briefing, planning and executing digital marketing campaigns
  • Understand each of the key disciplines in digital marketing, providing you with a background knowledge that will enable you to hold your own in team and client meetings
  • Learn how to buy traffic through display marketing and how to manage successful campaigns
  • Explore how SEO has evolved and how to make it work for you
  • Understand affiliate marketing, what’s involved and how to manage campaigns successfully
  • Learn about Paid Search and how to efficiently manage your keyword strategies

Who Should Attend

  • Designed for junior practitioners working in the communications industry
  • You may be in your first year within a digital agency or specialist department
  • Ideal for more experienced individuals looking to add knowledge of digital to their existing skill set 


IPA Commercial Certificate

4A's Members: $250 (Login with your 4A's Profile for Member Discount) / Non-Members: $325

What Will You Learn

  • Gain a full understanding of the roles, responsibilities and processes in the finance department
  • Get to grips with KPI’s and fee payment structures
  • Understand by example the financial processes within different agency departments including media specific issues
  • Discover a new found confidence when negotiating or complying with the terms of a contract
  • Build better relationship with your clients by understanding the financial terminology they use

Who Should Attend

  • All agency staff across any discipline, especially for anyone in a client-facing role who is keen to develop their commercial acumen