How Planners Can Go Beyond Ads to Create Powerful Cultural Moments

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Quick Overview

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You already have the tools to be analytical (left brain) and emotional (right brain). Regardless of where your strengths lie, we teach you ways to develop the “non-partisan” brain, calling on the side of your brain best suited to any task.

Get ready to truly connect with your target audience with effective and impactful communication!

  • Learn the role and value of different methods of planning.

  • Focus on brand foundations and activations in your advertising.

  • Use data to inform top down and bottom up communications.



This course covers the definition of whole ideas and explore new ways to design experiences and communications that work together.

What Will You Learn

  • The role and value of different planning methods

  • How brand foundations and activations relate to your advertising

  • How to inform the development of a brand and it’s communications

  • How data can inform top down and bottom up communications

Who Should Attend

  • Stewards of the brand within their respective agencies 
  • Any strategic discipline within the agency –e.g. brand/account planners, experience planners, content/social strategists, comms planners
  • Digital agency representatives or strategists at tech firms looking to maintain their brand’s competitive advantage  

Course Description

Join instructor Jaime Klein Daley, Group Planning Lead, R/GA, who will focus on the new skills required of brand planners in the connected age, and provides support for the value of brand in the context of bottom-up culture in this course.
Jaime will cover the definition of whole ideas and explore new ways to design experiences and communications that work together. She will discuss how to think of brands as a combination of what your brand says and what it does. Planners will learn new ways to flex their strategic muscles, bringing discipline to a broad array of inputs and moving parts. 
You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of how to build a brand in the digital age, and how you can dig deeper to connect with your audience beyond creating ads.

About the Thought Leader


Jaime Klein Daley is the Group Planning Lead at R/GA, overseeing a diverse team of brand and experience planners, analytics talent, and business consultants.  At R/GA, Jaime brings her brand-centric philosophy to inspire innovation, helping her colleagues and clients solve problems with new products, services and marketing campaigns. As one of the first generation of New York born-and-bred account planners, Jaime has spent twenty years in the business of building passionate arguments at ad agencies, design firms, and innovation shops. Most recently, she spent three years at Redscout as Group Planning Director.

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