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Social Media ROI

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Learn the impact of social media on business!

  • Discover the evolving landscape of social media for agencies.

  • Learn what metrics to monitor in order to track your success.

  • Real-world examples and case studies!

Evolution of Social Commerce

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Learn about social commerce and how you can use it to promote your brand!

  • Understand why social commerce has lagged in the U.S.

  • Discover which brands are doing e-commerce right - and how you can implement their strategies.

  • Learn what social commerce means for *your* business.

Customer-Driven Media Planning

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You don’t need to be a media planner to develop a winning strategy!

  • Learn to jump directly into mediums to solve problems.

  • Use a media strategy toolkit to cut through barriers.

  • Discover how other agencies are using media to showcase their brand.


Video’s Biggest Challenges: Ad Experience & Measurement

Free for both 4A's Members and Non-4A's Members

Learn about how video impacts your ad experience, measurement, and strategy in this exclusive course!

  • Implement video in your strategy.

  • Gain access to real-world examples, research, and strategy to learn what works (and what doesn’t)!


What’s Going on with Marketing Analytics?

Free for 4A's Members / Non-4A's Members: $221

Take a closer look at Gartner’s study on marketing analytics!

  • Learn critical industry trends.

  • Understand what clients are looking for when they request marketing analytics from their agency team.

  • Discover what leading vendors are doing right - and how you can emulate them!

How Agencies Can Harness The Power of People-Based Marketing

 Free for both 4A's Members and Non-4A's Members

Brands want to execute people-based marketing across all channels and devices. How do we know? The largest brands have told us so, and studies by Morar Research confirm that 84% of marketers agree. Driving this demand is the need for more effective audience targeting, more precise and accurate measurement, and a more seamless brand experience across all consumer touchpoints. And these marketers are looking to agencies for help.As the people on the front lines, it’s up to agencies to guide brands toward success, and that starts with leveraging the people-based marketing tactics that are working so well on Facebook—everywhere else, too. In this webinar learn how people-based marketing has to power to level-up your marketing, including use cases from agencies already seeing success.

  • What People-Based Marketing is, and how it’s evolving

  • What agencies need to get started, from the know-how to tools and integrations

  • How and why to execute people-based planning, buying and measurement

  • The results and improvements people-based marketing delivers, from better ROI measurement to improving reach and frequency management

Beyond Impressions: How to Make Your Video Ad Results Stand Out from the Pack

 Free for both 4A's Members and Non-4A's Members

You’re under constant pressure to generate the most impactful video advertising results for your clients—and that’s why you can’t afford to judge a campaign’s success on impressions or clicks alone.

  • Why current standards for video advertising success are limited—and the metrics you should be focusing on instead

  • Why the video dominance of Facebook and Google has been vastly overstated

  • How to leverage video to engage in two-way conversations with consumers, allowing you to learn more about your clients’ target audiences and serve them content that’s more likely to convert

Stay on Top of YouTube’s Biggest Trends

Free for both 4A's Members and Non-4A's Members

In this course you will be presented with three top trending videos on YouTube from the past quarter that your audience is watching. The videos were handpicked as the most influential and impactful videos, representative of broader trends surfacing on YouTube. 
But what does this mean for agencies and their brands? With a series of discussion questions, we invite advertising creatives and media planners to unpack these trends and consider implications for future marketing opportunities. 

Agile Marketing for Personalization

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Personalization is no longer trendy. It’s now table stakes to allow brands to speak to their audiences on a one-to-one basis. While the scale personalization enables is potentially endless, the work that goes into supporting it needs to be sustainable. As is true with all transformations, personalization requires a change in process and potentially even in culture. During this session, you’ll learn why an agile process is critical to the success of personalization and how to start to implement it within your organization.

Magazine Media Tells & Sells

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Print magazine advertising isn’t dead - learn how to implement it for a successful strategy!

  • Understand the research behind a successful print magazine campaign.

  • Gain a clear understanding of what returns you should expect.

  • Develop key brand characteristics that increase return.


Social Media Dynamics

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Understand the legalese behind social media dynamics!

  • Learn your social media rights.

  • Uncover the risks you take - and how to protect yourself.

  • Tune in for lessons learned and real-world examples.

Media Relations Essentials: Present Like A Champ

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This webinar is designed to build on and sharpen existing communications skills to allow you to shine in any speaking situation. We will cover tips and information to help amplify your energy, expertise and authenticity. Information will also be provided on effective use of body language, humor and anecdotes. In addition, we will cover handling confrontational media questions and situations. The goal is to ensure you are prepared, in control and confident in all speaking situations, from media interviews, keynote speeches, panel presentations TED talks, internal meetings, product launches and more.

What Will You Learn

  • How to refine a message for the media/public

  • How to build Confidence through body language

  • The Do’s and dont’s for print and broadcast interviews

  • Tips for doing webinars

  • Public speaking tips for podiums, panels or internal meetings

The New Rules of Mobile Advertising: Hyperlocal Targeting or Bust

Free for A's Members/ Non-4A's Members: $221

Harness hyperlocal targeting capabilities on mobile!

  • Understand how hyperlocal advertising works on mobile.

  • Learn about conversion tracking.

  • Discover creative techniques to find your best audience.

An Introduction to Beacon Technology and the Marketplace Opportunity

Free for 4A's Members / Non-4A's Members: $221

Explore the world of Beacon Marketing for retailers and brand advertisers!

  • Discover what a beacon is, and how it can empower retailers to provide a better customer experience.

  • Prepare yourself to better support clients adopting this new technology.

Programmatic 101

Free for 4A's Members / Non-4A's Members: $221

Start targeting your advertising with programmatic buying!

  • Learn what a programmatic ad-buying platform is.

  • Discover the ways programmatic buying solves problems for your clients.

  • Practical applications that can help you boost conversion.

Branded Content and Native Advertising

Free for 4A's Members / Non-4A's Members: $221

Use native advertising and branded content as marketing options for your clients!

  • Learn the different definitions of native advertising and how they impact your marketing strategy.

  • Discover practical knowledge that will help you define what’s best for your client.

  • Redefine your business model to adeptly serve savvier customers.

Driving Social Media ROI: Rules of the Road

Free for 4A's Members / Non-4A's Members: $221

Prove the return on investment with social media marketing!

  • Set actionable goals that will achieve the desired results.

  • Know which metrics to track.

  • Learn how to use social media to map business outcomes.

How Anyone Can Tell Stories with Data

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The quantity and quality of data has exploded and everyone in the communications industry needs to know how to get the most out of data without necessarily becoming a data scientist. 

  • Learn not to be afraid of data and confident enough to take on data analysis yourself

  • Basic data analytics principles

  • Frameworks for looking at data to uncover new learning and brand truths

  • Golden rules for using data to tell stories and sell ideas

The Keys to Programmatic Advertising

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Learn the keys to programmatic marketing by cutting through the jargon and empowering you to better manage your campaigns!

  • Discover Real-Time Bidding (RTB).

  • Understand who’s who in the online advertising system.

  • Uncover the importance of data in real-time advertising.

A Streamlined Test and Learn Approach

4A's Members: $170 (Login with your 4A's Profile for Member Discount) / Non-4A's Members: $221

The one constant in the digital world is change. Better ways to work emerge. Channels converge. Amid all this complexity, clients demand increased transparency. That’s why grounding every aspect of your digital marketing efforts in efficient test-and-learn strategies is essential to understanding and optimizing results. In this webinar, you will learn faster and better ways to enhance digital results by using the power of hypothesis setting and easy scalable test-and-learn programs.

  • Best practices for building a robust test-and-learn framework to understand digital impact

  • How to quickly assess current state and establish baseline data

  • Three platforms and technologies you may not have thought of testing — but should consider

  • Why it starts with a hypothesis: measurement planning and expectation setting

  • How to apply test-and-learn to cross-screen, complex campaigns

  • How to bring transparency to the test to ensure client trust

Intro to Advanced TV for Agencies, presented by dataxu®️

 Free for both 4A's Members and Non-4A's Members

Whether or not it’s Upfronts season, chances are that your agency does some type of TV or video buying for your clients. In 2018, the brands you work with are looking to learn more about innovative new forms of television, as well as the unique targeting and attribution capabilities they offer. This means it’s time for you to become an expert on all things Advanced TV.

This video course (made of 6 short, snackable modules) should take you no more than fifteen minutes total to complete. By the end of this course, you’ll have a newfound understanding of if Connected TV is right for your clients, and what to look out for when buying on their behalf.