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Launch For Leaders, Los Angeles, October 2-3

Members ($1,950)  | Non-Members($2,500)

Designed to develop the next generation of leaders, Launch for Leaders is a 2-day immersive workshop that provides managers an opportunity to build critical skills to become an effective agency leader.

Over the course of two days, participants will embark and explore key areas of leadership development under the following lenses:

  • Leading the Business: Understand the roles and responsibilities of an effective leader, drive profitability, develop a broader perspective, establish and execute strategic organizational priorities, and create a motivating environment that supports great work
  • Leading Growth: Discuss organic, reactive and prospective new business growth strategies as well as growth through the lens of recruiting and hiring world-class talent
  • Leading Clients:  Uncover all aspects of client leadership from understanding clients, building and expanding relationships, leading clients forward and selling transformational ideas through a challenging client case-study scenario
  • Leading People: Learn critical people skills, such as setting meaningful performance goals, providing effective feedback, collaboration, coaching for better results, dealing with difficult people, and handling conflict

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for high potential employees with 7-12 years of experience who are:

  • Directors or new Group Directors
  • Managers of Teams
  • Interacting with senior-level clients