FAQ | How Does 4A's Learning Academy Work?



Offering best-in-class, on-demand online learning and web-based certification programs, in-person training and customizable workshops.

We’ve modernized our offerings to meet the evolving, and increasingly demanding talent development needs of the industry by delivering more tailored contents that addresses the industry’s most timely and critical business issues across more discipline.

Learn at your own pace with on-demand webinar access.
The 4A’s Learning Academy offers a growing catalog of 200+ online courses across all disciplines, from acclaimed industry professionals and experts to top coaches and trainers.

Find and register for a variety of popular online certification programs, in-person training, and customizable workshops.
The 4A’s works with leading industry partners to deliver comprehensive offerings including certifications in partnerships with IPA, IAB, and the The Trade Desk; our workshops with Uprights Citizens Brigade, PokerDivas and more; and in-person training like Launch for Leaders and the Executive Leadership Program.

There are various pricing options available.

  • À la carte purchasing with bulk pricing discounts
  • 12-month open access subscriptions
  • Options for agencies to white label the 4A’s Learning Academy for a customized, co-branded learning portal

The 4A's Learning Academy is designed to meet the evolving, and increasingly demanding talent development needs of the industry. In addition to a host of on-demand content, you'll be able to find and register for a variety of popular online certification programs, in-person training, customizable workshops, and live streaming of special 4A's events.

Feel free to watch the below recorded information session about 4A's Learning Academy that will walk you through the new online learning portal to provide you access to on-demand learning and training programs available to excel your talent.


QUESTIONS: learningsupport@4as.org



Do I need to still have a profile in order to register?


Where do I view the on-demand webinar I bought?

  • It will appear in the 4A's Learning Academy (https://4aslearning.aaaa.org) once you log in. It will appear in the middle of the page under All Courses which will show all courses/webinars that you have bought.

What is Open Access?

  • Open Access is for Members ONLY. The cost is $1,200 per person, which includes all courses under On-Demand (Exceptions are the higher then $170 per course). This includes all new content that will be added through out the year. You will have access for one year to view all content from date of purchase.

What are the on-demand pricing options?

  • 1-19 on-demand courses: $170 per on-demand course - members / $221 per on-demand course -  non-members 

  • 20-40 on-demand courses: $150 per on-demand course - members / $195 per on-demand course -  non-members 

  • 41+ on-demand courses: $125 per on-demand course - members / $163 per on-demand course -  non-members 

How long do you have to view any On-Demand course once you purchase?

You have one year (365 days) from date of purchase.


Do you still offer Single/Conference room and Unlimited purchases?

Due to our member survey responses, we have move to on-demand courses and no longer doing live webinars. With that said, we have removed the conference room offering. 

If you are interested in unlimited on-demand courses, you can explore our Open-Access option that provides each individual unlimited access to our on-demand catalog.

What is the difference between Enroll Me and Send me Enrollment Codes?

Enroll Me

When you are registering for a course for yourself, choose Enroll Me. This will register you directly for the course when you are logged in with your 4A’s profile.

Send Me Enrollment Code(s)

When you are registering a course for someone else in your organization, choose Send Me Enrollment Code(s). You will receive a unique code(s) on the bottom of the receipt.

You will need to share the unique code with each person in order for them to have access to the course you purchased.


Once a person receives the unique code, do the following steps: (CODE IS A ONE TIME USE)


          Go to the 4A’s Learning Academy: https://4aslearning.aaaa.org and log in with your 4A’s profile.




          If someone enrolled you to the course, you have a unique enrollment code(s) to add   under the SIGN UP box displayed on the right as shown in the below screenshot.

          After you copy and paste it into this box, click on USE CODE.  


           Once you add the code, the next screen will have the name of the course. Select Yes to confirm the course you are signing up for. See the below screenshot.


           Once you click Yes, it will take you directly to the course. Now, you can view the webinar.  Click “WEBINAR RECORDING” as shown in the below screenshot.

          5. SEE ALL COURSES

              Any courses that you purchase for yourself will be listed under the middle of your home page https://4aslearning.aaaa.org/ under All Courses. See below screenshot.

              You will have one year to view your on demand courses from day of purchased. Enjoy!


If you have any questions or need additional assistance, you can e-mail: learningsupport@4as.org