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Don’t Be Left Behind in Mobile

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Mobile advertising is the way of the future - stay up to date with this course!

  • Understand how consumers use mobile devices, and how they can be marketed to.

  • Learn the key role that mobile plays in a consumer’s journey.


4A's Digital Academy | TBD

Introducing the 4A’s Digital Academy, a comprehensive 5-session workshop that provides those new to Digital Advertising with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the ever-changing agency environment.




The 4A’s Digital Academy is a comprehensive workshop to help you ramp up the digital marketing skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the ever-changing agency environment, including history, programmatic, ad fraud, and ad industry trends and challenges.

Upon course completion, participants will understand how marketers can use digital advertising as part of their marketing mix, and how to have deeper, more valuable conversations with clients at all levels, about both digital advertising strategy and execution. They’ll be able to use their knowledge of how to make smarter decisions about digital advertising for their clients.



Dates: Fri 1/17, Fri 1/24, Fri 1/31, Thu 2/6

Time: 9am-11:30am

Location: 4A’s NYC


Learning Objectives:

  • To provide students with a comfort level around digital advertising.
  • To give students an understanding of how marketers can leverage digital advertising a part of their marketing mix.
  • To empower students to have deeper, more valuable conversations with clients at all levels about both digital advertising strategy and execution.
  • To provide students with an understanding of how the digital advertising ecosystem functions so they can make smarter decisions for their clients.


Topics Covered:

  • Digital Advertising History
  • Ad Formats
  • Tracking
  • Data and Targeting
  • Data Management
  • Programmatic
  • Video Advertising Ecosystem
  • Viewability
  • Ad Fraud
  • Ad Blocking
  • Net Neutrality

What Advertisers Need to Know About AR and VR

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The interactive future starts now. 2018 is set to be the year of AR, with more brands starting to release interactive content that layers on top of the physical world. But brands can't just put out the same old games and filters -- they need to think strategically about how to tell stories in AR and let users explore and customize content. They also need to be ready for when WebAR releases live this year, as this will mean the vast majority of consumers will have access to the tech -- no app required. Friends With Holograms has been a leader in the space and can offer guidance on how to make amazing AR content.

  • Best practices for creating great augmented reality and virtual reality content that leaves an impression 

  • How to decide if AR is right for your campaign

  • Why WebAR will revolutionize content delivery for brands

  • How to use VR to make a customer feel present and involved

  • How to create VR experiences customers will want to use

Agile Marketing for Personalization

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Personalization is no longer trendy. It’s now table stakes to allow brands to speak to their audiences on a one-to-one basis. While the scale personalization enables is potentially endless, the work that goes into supporting it needs to be sustainable. As is true with all transformations, personalization requires a change in process and potentially even in culture. During this session, you’ll learn why an agile process is critical to the success of personalization and how to start to implement it within your organization.

Stay on Top of YouTube’s Biggest Trends

Free for both 4A's Members and Non-4A's Members

In this course you will be presented with three top trending videos on YouTube from the past quarter that your audience is watching. The videos were handpicked as the most influential and impactful videos, representative of broader trends surfacing on YouTube. 
But what does this mean for agencies and their brands? With a series of discussion questions, we invite advertising creatives and media planners to unpack these trends and consider implications for future marketing opportunities. 

Beyond Impressions: How to Make Your Video Ad Results Stand Out from the Pack

 Free for both 4A's Members and Non-4A's Members

You’re under constant pressure to generate the most impactful video advertising results for your clients—and that’s why you can’t afford to judge a campaign’s success on impressions or clicks alone.

  • Why current standards for video advertising success are limited—and the metrics you should be focusing on instead

  • Why the video dominance of Facebook and Google has been vastly overstated

  • How to leverage video to engage in two-way conversations with consumers, allowing you to learn more about your clients’ target audiences and serve them content that’s more likely to convert

Core Principles of E-commerce

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Discover the core principles of e-commerce to drive success!

  • Optimize filling out forms.

  • Understand how mobile has changed the e-commerce landscape.

  • Learn the role that online shopping plays in the life of the consumer.


Digital Optimization to the Next Level

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Are you building the best digital experience possible?

  1. Capture the proper Voice of Customer in testing.

  2. Learn to use behavioral segmentation to create a framework for improvement.

  3. Gain a deeper understanding of the role that analytics play.


The Must Know On Social Media

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Learn to navigate our digital, community-driven world with social media!

  • Understand how to build communities on social media platforms.

  • Uncover which platforms attract consumers and drive engagement.

  • Develop a plan with reasonable KPIs for your client.


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General Assembly: Digital Marketing

Develop your agency’s talent, improve employee retention, and foster a culture of growth with Digital Marketing On Demand: a flexible learning path that gives teams a robust introduction to such fundamentals as segmentation, customer insight, CRM, analytics, and automation. Participants use our dynamic online platform to advance at their own pace, and expert mentors offer motivational guidance and feedback in 1:1 sessions. Set your team up for success (and gain insights into its progress). 4A's members receive 20% off!