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How To Drive Organic Growth, December 12 | New York

Location: 4A's, 1065 Avenue of Americas, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10018

Time: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

When sales growth slows, most companies invest more resources in their sales teams. Savvy agencies also invest in their account-management and client-servicing employees. Because generating more business from existing clients not only increases revenue—it’s more profitable, too. It’s the business trifecta everyone seeks: increased client retention, increased sales, and lower costs of acquisition. 

What You Will Learn
  • The questions that uncover new opportunities
  • How to hear what's not being said
  • How to ask for, and get, referrals for new business
  • A newfound 'sales confidence' from hands-on practice
  • Why people buy
  • How ‘non-sales’ staff impact the company’s success
  • How to deliver: closing the loop and following up

Who is it for?

  • Client-facing professionals in all agency departments   
About The Trainer 

Kim helps businesses grow sales revenues by helping ‘non-sales’ staff get comfortable with
sales and selling. Her one-on-one sales training is focused on building relationships and having
conversations with purpose. She has conducted workshops for Howard University’s In3
Incubator, Hera Hub and the Maryland Women’s Business Center in addition to her private
clients. Kim has also presented at The Power Conference, NAWBO, the Freelance Union and the
Women in Business Leadership Council. Her enthusiasm about sales has proven to be

The Big Fish Experience: How to Create Compelling Arguments in Your Presentation

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The success of every idea depends on the strength of how it’s presented. We’ve all had that one “big idea” – that passion project we’ve worked through the night and into the morning. Everyone has felt the drive that comes with it, and the desire to see it come to life. However, the next groundbreaking idea can’t be hindered or ignored just because it was presented badly. That’s why, in this presentation, Kenny Nguyen of ThreeSixtyEight details the process of how they craft engaging content through interactive exercises for some of the world’s biggest brands and game changing startups.

  • How to craft a compelling big idea to challenge your audience

  • How to develop an effective call to action

  • How to build a more cohesive structure for your presentation through an easy mind mapping process

  • Strategies to best open and close your presentation


Channeling Your Inner Champion

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Grow your agency as if you’re going to sell it - regardless of your future plans!

  • Reduce apprehension by researching your conversation ahead of time.

  • Learn to keep cool - even if you feel defensive.

Engage With Moving Audiences

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In our connected world, you need to tell brand stories that your consumer can relate to!

  • Learn to plan out of home experiences for consumers.

  • Discover how to leverage the creative potential of mobile advertising.

  • Uncover how to use mobile and location data to increase impact.


Building Rapport with Clients

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Use psychological principles to build a rapport with your clients!

  • Learn your own preferred communication styles.

  • Understand the most common communication styles of clients.

  • Build strategies for effectively communicating with clients who have communication styles that clash with your own.


Pushing Clients Beyond Their Comfort Zone

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Launch your client’s brand and develop an authentic voice!

  • Understand how social platforms support your client’s brand.

  • Discover why an authentic voice is critical to any brand.

  • Learn to support business objectives while driving traffic and without breaking your client’s authentic voice.

Develop a Strategy to Leading Your Client

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Think ahead, lead your team, and make clients happy!

  • Understand what clients want, and how you can lead your team to deliver expanded, more profitable ideas.

  • Learn what’s expected of every high-performing account leader.

  • Discover how to capture the insights that matter.

How to Work with Different Agency Personalities

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Embrace your teammates and encourage an inclusive workplace culture!

  • Understand that nobody’s career path is the same - and that all ideas should be embraced and celebrated.

  • Learn to work with different personalities.

  • Build successful, lasting partnerships.

Media Relations Essentials: Present Like A Champ

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This webinar is designed to build on and sharpen existing communications skills to allow you to shine in any speaking situation. We will cover tips and information to help amplify your energy, expertise and authenticity. Information will also be provided on effective use of body language, humor and anecdotes. In addition, we will cover handling confrontational media questions and situations. The goal is to ensure you are prepared, in control and confident in all speaking situations, from media interviews, keynote speeches, panel presentations TED talks, internal meetings, product launches and more.

What Will You Learn

  • How to refine a message for the media/public

  • How to build Confidence through body language

  • The Do’s and dont’s for print and broadcast interviews

  • Tips for doing webinars

  • Public speaking tips for podiums, panels or internal meetings

Rock Your LinkedIn Profile

 Free for both 4A's Members and Non-4A's Members

Learn to leverage your LinkedIn profile to get more leads and build your brand!

  • Understand the importance of a strong professional brand on social media.

  • Discover how to create a rockstar profile.

  • Use your profile to continue growing your brand and reputation!

Persuasive Writing for New Business

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Ditch the traditional, ho-hum pitch and spice things up with these techniques!

  • Master a simple five-step process for better writing and editing.

  • Focus on the role of “boilerplate” content and how to more effectively incorporate it into your work.

  • Embrace the most important element of writing - ruthless editing.

The Principles of Code for Communicators

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Embrace the role of coding in your digital world!

  • Learn what goes into a website.

  • Understand what front-end languages are commonly used in website interactions.

  • Know basic elements of CSS and HTML.

Beat the Robots: The Gatekeepers Are Human Too

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Whether you are selling a product, an idea, or selling yourself for an opportunity, ultimately the final decision will be made by another human. Stories are the best way to sway decision makers and closing the deal will require the perfect combination of facts and feeling, delivered with impact.

  • The many features and characteristics that all great stories have in common

  • How to craft your own stories using the same tools that great writers have used in literature, drama and business

  • How to use stories to persuade and influence audience opinion and behavior

Meetings, Pitches, Presentations, Negotiations: Selling Your Work and Selling Yourself

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All too often we don't present ourselves, or our work, in the right way, and this has a profound effect on our success. This course focuses on how to get your point across effectively and achieve desired outcomes, whether it be your thinking internally, your work to clients, or yourself with regard to career ambitions, promotions and pay. Instructor Cindy Gallop guides students to accurately assess their own value and to present their ideas rooted in the knowledge that they bring something unique and critical to their agency.

  • How to present yourself in such a way that your recommendations sell themselves

  • How to build your profile in your industry

  • To assess the value you bring to your agency, and how to use it to your benefit

  • How to make yourself heard, and have your ideas acted on

Beat the Robots: Ace the Turing Test

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You and your work should never be mistaken for an algorithm. In this webinar we show ways to present information in person or through media that leverages your humanity by engaging decision makers where they live – in their emotions.

  • The secrets to making attention-getting, memorable live presentations that emotionally engage audiences

  • Ways and benefits of adding emotion to powerpoint and other typically data-heavy media presentations

  • How to edit ruthlessly, using images instead of words to make your audiences feel and act the way you intend


How to Increase Your Impact in Meetings

Free for 4A's Members / Non-4A's Members: $221

Increase your impact in meetings and up your influence at work!

  • Increase your speaking time with preparation strategies.

  • Build alliances on your team.

  • Hold the floor for longer using proven tactics.


Understanding Chemistry with Clients

Free for 4A's Members / Non-4A's Members: $221

Do you have strong client relationships? In our world, chemistry is everything.

  • Discover why a good personal chemistry is critical to agency-client relationships.

  • Uncover the different personality profiles and how to identify them.

  • Modify behavior to improve relationships and create lifelong clients.