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Transition Planning For Parents

Set yourself up for smooth parental leave transitions!

  • Learn to prepare and transition through parental leave.
  • Understand different working styles and their impact on your leave.
  • Build leadership skills that support transitioning parents.

How to Manage the People Who Don’t Report to You

Learn to lead across departments!

  • Master the development of mutually beneficial cross-department relationships.

  • Understand how to avoid leadership pitfalls when working with other teams.

  • Discover how to communicate effectively with direct reports.

Being a Working Parent in Advertising

Drop the balancing act, embrace imperfection, and rock your parenting life and your professional life!

  • Learn to ask for help when you need it.
  • Understand what it means to be a high performer - and what you need to do to achieve those benchmarks.
  • Master communication, and encourage your company to create a culture that supports you and your needs as a parent.

Embracing Chaos: How W+K Builds a Creative Culture

Break the rules and consider new possibilities to help your creativity thrive!

  • Learn to manage diverse and highly skilled people.
  • Take better creative risks.
  • Embrace succession planning as a reality.

C-Suite Series: Building Your Personal Wealth

Start focusing on your personal wealth plan to grow your agency’s profitability!

  • Create realistic personal finance goals.
  • Learn to build plans and benchmark objectives.
  • Understand why selling your agency may not be the best option.


Develop Talent for Max Value

Bring more value to your agency by focusing on developing your talented employees!

  • Learn to structure a strong development program.
  • Uncover how all of your employees are already superstars waiting to wow you!
  • Gain a competitive edge over the competition.


The 'Why' of the Working Mom

Understand the motivations of mothers in the industry to initiate positive change!

  • Learn to consider working moms when making agency decisions.
  • Gain insight about the motivation and purpose of working moms.
  • Create simple action plans to support moms in meaningful ways.


Implementing A Parent Support Approach

Start providing relentless support for the moms (and dads) at your agency!

  • Understand what kind of support working parents need.
  • Discover the “coach approach” - and why it works!
  • Implement best practices in your agency to continually build a culture of support.


A Human-Centered Talent Strategy

Discover how to create a talent strategy that has an impact!

  • Define purpose.
  • Debunk common misconceptions.
  • Learn tools that you can use to assess and drive employee growth.


The Science of Women in Leadership

Create a more diverse, inclusive corporate culture!

  • Learn the importance of being more thoughtful when identifying diverse talent.
  • Understand the role that talent from all genders and diverse backgrounds plays in your agency.
  • Discover how to lead your diverse team - and how to cultivate an inclusive company culture.


Find The Right Work/Life Balance

Embrace a new work/life balance as a parent in the advertising industry!

  • Learn what balanced success looks like to you - and how to achieve it.
  • Understand new principles for making your dream balance a reality.
  • Ask the right questions to gain clarity.

Courageous Convos about Race

Empower all of your leaders to bring their best selves to the workplace!

  • Learn a fresh approach to achieving racial diversity.
  • Build an environment that promotes equality.
  • Start the conversation and encourage employees to express themselves.


Unconscious Bias - Beyond The Training

Stop allowing your unconscious bias to lead decision making!

  • Learn to acknowledge and work around your unconscious biases.
  • Understand how to engage your managers and leaders about bias training.
  • Craft an unconscious bias training plan for your agency.


Shortcuts to BIG Ideas

Hone your creative thinking to stand out from the crowd!

  • Learn to move past creative blocks.
  • Understand key techniques for brainstorming.
  • Start thinking conceptually to bring your ideas to life.

Delivery Matters

Storytelling can make or break a presentation - learn how to use it to your benefit in this course!

What Will You Learn

  • How to use visuals to amplify your message
  • How to communicate effectively using storytelling methods
  • How to keep your message focused
  • How to engage your audience

Social Media & Digital Etiquette

Start using social media to create a professional presence in the digital space!

  • Learn to use smartphones appropriately in the workplace.
  • Balance your office and online presence.
  • Master the art of emails.


Finding Lifelong Mentors To Fast-Track Your Success

Boost your career by finding mentors who can help you achieve your goals!

  • Learn to identify who would be a good “mentor fit” for you.
  • Uncover what value you bring to the mentor/mentee relationship.

Mastering Your Habits to Become Happier and Productive

Learn to master new habits to harness your creative energy!

  • Learn to understand your “habit nature.”
  • Understand the many ways that some people form habits.
  • Discover how to tackle habit changes in a way that makes sense for you.

How to Effectively Present Yourself in Business

Don’t let presenting yourself become a point of stress!

  • Learn to communicate both clearly and concisely.
  • Understand how to read a room.
  • Discover how you can tailor your message depending on who you’re speaking with for the best results possible.

How to Increase Your Impact in Meetings

Increase your impact in meetings and up your influence at work!

  • Increase your speaking time with preparation strategies.

  • Build alliances on your team.

  • Hold the floor for longer using proven tactics.


The Art and Science of Networking for Agency Women

Get to the next level in your career with networking!

  • Learn tools to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current network.
  • Uncover strategies to help you expand your network in a meaningful way.
  • Utilize networking meetings and follow-ups to your advantage.

How to Join the C-Suite When Nobody Thinks You Can

Let’s focus on business leadership and how it can help you achieve the upper level management positions you’ve been seeking.

What Will You Learn

  • How to rethink your career, the way you present yourself, and how you talk about yourself to make a bigger impact
  • Learn simple actions you can start implementing right now to rework how you’re perceived
  • Improve leadership skills that will help you achieve your career goals

Company Cultures: A Competitive Advantage?

Discover how company culture can boost your agency’s profitability and and workplace engagement!

  • Learn the practical definition of culture
  • Define the culture you want to have in your workplace
  • Understand why company culture isn’t organic - and what you can do to build one

What It Takes To Be A Successful Agency Manager

Are you ready to find success as an agency manager?

  • Learn how to improve the effectiveness of your team.
  • Utilize communication to motivate and inspire.
  • Understand the importance of delegation and prioritization.

Mindfulness as a Competitive Advantage

Is mindfulness a waste of time - or a useful business practice?

  • Use mindfulness practices to increase employee productivity.
  • Encourage collaboration and communication.
  • Learn to increase your emotional intelligence to be a stronger leader.

Retaining Working Mothers

Build a better culture for working mothers in your agency!

  • Learn how you can support and retain working mothers.
  • Intentionally drive recruitment of working mothers with the resources you have.
  • Stand out from the crowd with your support!

Being A Working Mother In Advertising

Collect tips from other mothers on being a working mother in advertising!

  • Embrace imperfection on your path to success.
  • Let go of the need for work life balance.
  • Learn to plan ahead and ask for help when you need it.

Managing Up When You’re Not in Charge

Don’t wait for management to initiate change! Learn how to lead from your role.

  • Learn to network and develop meaningful relationships with influencers.
  • Foresee pitfalls when suggesting change to management.
  • Discover new ways to communicate effectively with management.

Rock Your LinkedIn Profile

Learn to leverage your LinkedIn profile to get more leads and build your brand!

  • Understand the importance of a strong professional brand on social media.
  • Discover how to create a rockstar profile.
  • Use your profile to continue growing your brand and reputation!

How to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Learn to recruit, engage, and retain top talent for your agency!

  • Understand key industry change drivers.
  • Develop a distinct talent brand for your agency.
  • Discover innovative benefit programs and perks that engage and retain staff.

How to Address the Digital Talent Gap

Learn how to implement key marketing trends!

  • Understand the digital talent impact of key marketing trends.
  • Discover how to create a L&D/Talent plan.
  • Implement innovative ideas that promote a digital business culture!

Learn to Manage Your Time to Make More of It

Time management isn’t just desirable - it’s necessary!

  • Learn dozens of time management tips and techniques.
  • Recognize what’s blocking you from using your time efficiently.
  • Discover new ways of scheduling for maximum productivity.

Embrace Leadership No Matter What Level You’re At

To succeed in business today, you have to be both a leader and a manager.

  • Learn how to assess your leadership radar.
  • Understand what the top competencies of leadership are.
  • Discover how to lead on any level.

Building Your Brand with LinkedIn

Are you ready to build your brand using social media marketing?

  • Learn to find content that’s a homerun with your target audience.
  • Understand how an editorial calendar can be used for posting.
  • Discover key metrics to track.

Business Writing Skills to Amp Up Your Credibility

Build your writing skills in an effort to build your career!

  • Learn to write concisely.
  • Understand common writing pitfalls - and how to avoid them.
  • Gather dozens of tips and techniques to help you master writing as an agency professional.

Overcoming Unconscious Bias: How to Climb Higher Up

The biases that we face in the advertising industry, and in many other industries, are often unconscious and institutionalized. But, together, we can work to address them.

What Will You Learn

  • What unconscious bias is, and how it impacts the advertising industry
  • How you can mobilize support internally and externally to inspire change
  • What actions you can personally take to prevent bias from having a negative impact on your career growth