Project Management

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Top Digital Project Management Tips

Learn how to approach digital projects and always find success!

  • Understand how to use a discovery phase to execute digital projects.
  • Discover the seven steps of documentation that are critical to your process.
  • Find test and go-live processes that will help you get it right.

Evolution of Project Management: Connecting Producers with Finance

What Will You Learn

  • Identifying project pitfalls and scope creep that are contributing to decreased profits
  • Staffing and resourcing properly to maximize overhead
  • Introducing production into the initial contract phase of client onboarding

Evolution of Project Management: Roles and Responsibilities in the Modern Agency

What Will You Learn

  • What is the difference between Project Managers and Account Managers
  • A detailed recommendation on roles and responsibilities for each role
  • When both roles are in place, what does success look like

Evolution of Project Management: Emotional Intelligence

What Will You Learn

  • The principles of emotional intelligence
  • Why emotional intelligence matters to being a good Project Manager
  • How to navigate situations with team members who are not very emotionally intelligent
  • Ways to improve your emotional intelligence

Evolution of Project Management: Agile in an Agency

What Will You Learn

  • What a successfully run agile project looks like
  • Bumps in the road in getting there
  • An action plan for moving toward agile practices

Mastering The Demands of Project Management

Get ready to wow your clients with these masterful project management skills!

  • Learn to lead more productive discussions.
  • Understand how to recognize and leverage various communication styles.
  • Embrace your role in minimizing tema conflict.