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Best Practices on Delivering Operational Efficiencies That Drive Profitability

This course will leave you with some excellent best practices to start implementing now.

  • Streamline agency-wide processes
  • Create actionable project data
  • Improve agency-wide reporting
  • Improve client and employee satisfaction

C-Suite Series: Building Your Personal Wealth

Start focusing on your personal wealth plan to grow your agency’s profitability!

  • Create realistic personal finance goals.
  • Learn to build plans and benchmark objectives.
  • Understand why selling your agency may not be the best option.


Becoming a Highly Profitable Agency

Learn the tried and true tactics other 4A’s members have used to become profitable!

  • Understand that changes take time - and what you can do to accelerate them.
  • Embrace the advice from other 4A’s members.
  • Utilize the resources available to you.


How To Predict The Future

In this course, we explore success and examine how to predict it!

  • Learn to navigate the highs and lows of business.
  • Gain valuable insights from industry leaders.
  • Explore real-world stories and techniques.

Does It Matter Who Gets The Credit?

Learn to motivate your talent using unique methods!

  • Build a lasting competitive business advantage.
  • Stop focusing on who gets the credit - but instead acknowledge your team’s wins together.

Ownership of Your Story

Utilize storytelling on your path to success!

  • Learn the importance of the story - both about who you are, and what you do.
  • Understand that telling your story is one thing, but you need to learn how to live it, as well!

The Psychology of Successful Leaders

Uncover the core principles of building a truly successful business!

  • Learn your own psychological hesitations and how to work with them.
  • Drive change and innovation.
  • Recognize self-limiting beliefs and behaviors.

Truth Behind An Iconic Campaign

Learn to build your lasting competitive business advantage!

  • Understand what elements are always present in award-winning work.
  • Build a team with winning characteristics.
  • Learn how to define success.


Leading Your Way To New Momentum

Overcome obstacles and launch yourself to success!

  • Understand the threats your agency faces, and how to sidestep them.
  • Learn to build a lasting competitive business advantage.

The Art of Modern Storytelling

Learn how to tell stories with your design!

  • Build a lasting business advantage.
  • Use storytelling to to convey your message.


Women Leading from the Inside Out

Lead yourself and others in a more successful way!

  • Learn to embrace your feminine nature in your leadership roles.
  • Identify limiting beliefs you have about your own skills.
  • Amplify your communication.


Overcoming Unconscious Bias: How to Climb Higher Up

The biases that we face in the advertising industry, and in many other industries, are often unconscious and institutionalized. But, together, we can work to address them.

What Will You Learn

  • What unconscious bias is, and how it impacts the advertising industry
  • How you can mobilize support internally and externally to inspire change
  • What actions you can personally take to prevent bias from having a negative impact on your career growth

Use Culture to Drive Agency Results

Use your complex and unique agency culture to drive better results with clients!

  • Understand efficient ways to tap into your culture’s energy.
  • Learn key behaviors that result in impactful relationship changes.
  • Leverage your team to motivate one another!

How Mindfulness Makes Leaders Better and Happy

Learn how the art of mindfulness can help you have a more positive impact on your life and your team!

  • Understand how leaders use mindfulness in their day-to-day.
  • Discover the hidden benefits of meditation practice.
  • Uncover how mindfulness can improve relationships and communication.

Using Compelling Stories to Persuade Clients

Start earning more business with storytelling!

  • Learn to construct a perfect business story.

  • Find sources for your stories to give them credibility and background.

  • Use voice and gesture to tell your stories convincingly!


How to Manage the People Who Don’t Report to You

Learn to lead across departments!

  • Master the development of mutually beneficial cross-department relationships.

  • Understand how to avoid leadership pitfalls when working with other teams.

  • Discover how to communicate effectively with direct reports.

How to Join the C-Suite When Nobody Thinks You Can

Let’s focus on business leadership and how it can help you achieve the upper level management positions you’ve been seeking.

What Will You Learn

  • How to rethink your career, the way you present yourself, and how you talk about yourself to make a bigger impact
  • Learn simple actions you can start implementing right now to rework how you’re perceived
  • Improve leadership skills that will help you achieve your career goals

Meetings, Pitches, Presentations, Negotiations: Selling Your Work and Selling Yourself

All too often we don't present ourselves, or our work, in the right way, and this has a profound effect on our success.

What Will You Learn

  • How to present yourself in such a way that your recommendations sell themselves
  • How to build your profile in your industry
  • To assess the value you bring to your agency, and how to use it to your benefit
  • How to make yourself heard, and have your ideas acted on

How to Become an Executive Creative Director

This course focuses on creative business leadership and talent management, and as such, is relevant to anyone working in a creative capacity in any industry.

What Will You Learn

  • How to reframe yourself as a creative force to be reckoned with in your professional life
  • How to use specific thought frameworks to rework your thinking and gain confidence and authority
  • How to implement career-enhancing behaviors that ensure you’re respected and taken seriously as a leader in your creative field

What It Takes To Be A Successful Agency Manager

Are you ready to find success as an agency manager?

  • Learn how to improve the effectiveness of your team.
  • Utilize communication to motivate and inspire.
  • Understand the importance of delegation and prioritization.

How to Thrive in a Project Based World

Learn how to profitably involve yourself in the project-based world!

  • Profitably engage with your clients in a more modular way.
  • Deploy your best talent for the right projects.
  • Optimize working with multiple business partners on projects.

How to Maximize Your Creative Leadership Impact

Maximize your impact through time management, better communication, and more!

  • Learn to manage your time as a leader.
  • Understand how your influence can best impact client work.
  • Discover “Profitable Creativity” and implement it with your team!

Honing Adaptive Leadership Skills Working in Agencies

Embrace the volatile work environment you face and find success!

  • Learn how emotional intelligence can help in a volatile environment.
  • Understand how to identify challenges.
  • Discover how to implement easy-to-use techniques to reduce stress.

Mastering Difficult Conversations With Clients

There’s no avoiding difficult conversations with clients - but you can navigate through them more effectively!

  • Learn to plan for a positive dialogue.
  • Understand why your client’s perspective may be negative.
  • Discover the best way to navigate opposing opinions.

How to Plan and Lead Effective Meetings

Stop wasting time in poorly run meetings. Follow these tips instead!

  • Learn to set goals for each meeting and establish outcomes.
  • Understand how meeting logistics can enhance success.
  • Design agendas and learn to connect meeting flow!

How to Understand Your Agency’s Financial Relationships

Make sure that your financial margins are right!

  • Learn the basics of agency financial underpinnings.
  • Understand how to always protect your agency’s financial interests.
  • Discover five strategies for talking money with clients.

Stop Servicing, Start Leading Series: Managing Direct Reports

Learn how to manage your direct reports and effectively delegate!

  • Understand the best way to communicate with employees.
  • Discover the talent of your direct reports to delegate effectively.
  • Uncover how to motivate your direct reports.

Develop a Strategy to Leading Your Client

Think ahead, lead your team, and make clients happy!

  • Understand what clients want, and how you can lead your team to deliver expanded, more profitable ideas.

  • Learn what’s expected of every high-performing account leader.

  • Discover how to capture the insights that matter.

Getting More Creativity Out Of Creative Thinking

Break out of your rut with creative thinking!

  • Learn to rethink traditional brainstorming.
  • Develop fresh ideas.
  • Create a new methodology for reenergizing your creativity.

Preventing Discrimination and Harassment in the Creative Workplace Webinar

Surveys show that over 50% of women in advertising report experiencing sexual harassment.

Do you know how to handle complaints and allegations? Are your policies and procedures up-to-date? Are you creating a safe environment for all your employees so that you can attract and retain a diverse workforce that feels respected and included?

This webinar will review the relevant laws and definitions governing workplace discrimination and harassment, clarify the obligations of management and supervisors, review case studies, and discuss how these laws and obligations intersect in the context of a creative work environment.

  • What constitutes discrimination and harassment?

  • What is a hostile work environment?

  • When does bullying cross the line into illegal harassment?

  • What are the obligations of management and supervisors to recognize and prevent harassment?

  • What steps can your company take to prevent harassment and help create a safe work environment?

  • What’s the first thing to do on receipt of a complaint?