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AppChoices: Getting Clients Mobile with Consumer Privacy

Conquer the mobile app trend with effective data privacy for your clients!

  • Learn about the Digital Advertising Alliance.
  • Design an action plan to create DAA compliant mobile advertising programs.
  • Discover the AppChoices suite as an option for responsible mobile advertising.

Negotiating With Brands & Procurement

Be ready to answer questions from brands and negotiate like a pro!

  • Understand what types of questions are coming your way.
  • Learn to prepare adequately.
  • Preemptively head off objections that could occur during the negotiation.

Sweepstakes, Contests & Promotions

Understand the legal ramifications of promotions, and what your agency can do to protect itself!

  • Learn the do’s and don’t’s of consumer promotion activity.
  • Gain insight into the complicated world of promotion regulation.

In’s and Out’s of Content Marketing

Understand the legal elements of content creation and strategy for agencies!

  • Learn regulatory requirements associated with content marketing.
  • Gain important background on legal implications.
  • Uncover regulatory risks of specific content media programs.

Key Mistakes with Agency Contracts

Don’t leave your agency exposed to unexpected liabilities!

  • Understand how contracts put you at risk.
  • Learn key provisions to include.
  • Gain essential information that will help you protect yourself and the agency in the future.

Strategies for Selling Your Agency

An excellent plan today will help you sell your agency tomorrow!

  • Understand that there are more buyers than you think.
  • Learn to navigate sales price.
  • Discover how potential owners can change.


Social Media Dynamics

Understand the legalese behind social media dynamics!

  • Learn your social media rights.
  • Uncover the risks you take - and how to protect yourself.
  • Tune in for lessons learned and real-world examples.

Understanding & Leveraging Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is a key element for any agency - learn more about it!

  • Understand how IP is protected.
  • Discover new ways to structure terms and agreements.
  • Uncover what IP is and what it isn’t.


The Legal & Regulatory Environment

Brush up on your legal expertise with this course!

  • Learn about how the First Amendment impacts your strategy.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of regulation.
  • Take protective measures to keep your agency safe.


Becoming a Highly Profitable Agency

Learn the tried and true tactics other 4A’s members have used to become profitable!

  • Understand that changes take time - and what you can do to accelerate them.
  • Embrace the advice from other 4A’s members.
  • Utilize the resources available to you.


C-Suite Series: Building a Focused Business Plan

Create a focused business plan for your agency with these tips!

  • Learn to start a strong business plan.
  • Understand the best ways to organize your plan to drive business decisions.
  • Implement the tips in this course to stay operational.

C-Suite Series: Achieving Financial Success

Learn how to turn your agency into a highly profitable dynamo!

  • Understand how agency and personal financial planning go hand in hand.
  • Embrace agency best-practices.
  • Discover how to successfully develop a succession plan.


Hacking Agency Compensation (2016)

Rethink what you truly sell in order to boost your compensation!

  • Understand why the “billable” hour isn’t a true unit of value.
  • Uncover the value you truly provide to your clients.
  • Learn to sell more professionally to boost your credibility.

Conflict Management: How to Negotiate with Clients

Master the art of negotiating with clients!

  • Learn to maintain a productive dialogue.

  • Understand the five main conflict-management modes.

  • Avoid the “us versus them” perspective.

Agency Financial Relationships: What You Need to Know

Better understand how your work generates income to fully comprehend the profitability of your agency!

  • Understand the basics of your agency’s financial underpinnings.
  • Learn to protect your agency’s financial interests.
  • Discover new tactics for talking money with clients.

Improving Profitability Via Timesheets

Educate your staff on the importance of time sheets and use them more effectively!

  • Understand why time sheets are important.
  • Learn to effectively communicate with employees.
  • Create a system that’s painless for everyone to use.