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How to Take Your Creative Ideas and Sell to Clients

Having a creative idea isn’t enough. Learn how to sell your idea and achieve maximum business potential!

  • Create a brief that inspires your client to act.
  • Understand the difference between creative ideas and building creativity.
  • Define clear evaluation criteria to ensure all of your ideas go above and beyond.

Deploying Creativity in Transformational Moments

Learn how to consistently generate excellent leads!

  • Create conditions where creativity drives commerce.
  • Apply more fluid operating models.
  • Learn to increase ideation!


Power of Podcast Advertising: Ad Campaign Success

Understand the elements that create a successful podcast ad campaign!

  • Know when to tweak your existing campaign.
  • Understand which KPIs are valuable.
  • Learn what goals are realistic.


Demystifying the Podcast Media Process

Master the buying process in the podcasting world!

  • Learn the different channels through which podcast ad space is bought and sold.
  • Understand the difference between direct buying, network, and podcast ad agencies.

Embrace Podcasting for Your Advertising

Uncover the myths about the podcasting ad space!

  • Embrace podcasts as a platform of the future.
  • Understand why the intimacy of podcasting is key for the advertiser.


Behavioral Economics & Creativity

Learn how behavioral economics can help to define marketing problems!

  • Understand how behavioral economics and creativity work together.
  • Learn the five steps to change behavior.
  • Gain insight from successful real-world examples.


How to Maximize Your Creative Leadership Impact

Maximize your impact through time management, better communication, and more!

  • Learn to manage your time as a leader.
  • Understand how your influence can best impact client work.
  • Discover “Profitable Creativity” and implement it with your team!

Design Your Creative Operations Playbook

Crush your competition by building a Creative Ops Playbook!

  • Get creative staffing structure right the first time!
  • Implement creative communication strategies.
  • Master your approach to scope of work.

How to Embed Creative Collaboration into Your Company’s DNA

Learn how a collaborative company culture can positively impact your agency!

  • Understand what a collaborative business looks like.
  • Discover how creative leaders build trust.
  • Uncover how to navigate ownership and new ideas in a collaborative environment.

How to Lead Creative Talent to Change the World

Learn how your agency’s creative talent can make a difference!

  • Understand how to identify the difference you’d like to make with your work.
  • Identify your personal leadership strengths.
  • Define personal goals.

Unlock Creative Leadership

Let your creative instincts lead you in your large organization!

  • Learn what big companies can learn about creativity from smaller organizations.
  • Understand the best ways to staff creative projects across multiple offices.
  • Discover what the biggest enemies of creativity are as your organization grows.

SEO Copywriting: Getting the Most Out of Content

Learn the key principles you need to know in order to improve your copy for SEO!

  • Understand how search engines operate.
  • Master keywords and phrases.
  • Incorporate your new skills into existing and new copy.