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Understanding Chemistry with Clients

Do you have strong client relationships? In our world, chemistry is everything.

  • Discover why a good personal chemistry is critical to agency-client relationships.

  • Uncover the different personality profiles and how to identify them.

  • Modify behavior to improve relationships and create lifelong clients.

A Modern Approach to Ad Agency New Business in 10 Lessons

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Ad Agency New Business Training revolutionized. On-demand winning content straight to your conference room. Everything your agency needs to know about how to win new business in 10 separate training modules.

  • How to get your entire agency on the same page!
  • The Four Ways to Grow Your Business
      1. Organic Growth
      2. Referrals
      3. RFP’s
      4. Recruiting the Clients You Want
  • Creating a Strategic Growth Plan Around the Four Ways to Grow
  • The “Four P’s” of Business Development
      1. Positioning…the importance and approach to finding your unique voice
      2. Prospecting…we’ll debunk some myths and coach you on how to build the ideal prospect list for your agency
      3. Pitching…how the modern meeting has changed the pitch dynamic\
      4. Pricing…yes, you can make more $ AND strengthen your client relationships   

How to Play to Your Agency’s Strengths

Stop chasing new business - reframe your position and have new business chase you!

  • Learn to develop a stronger win ration in new business.
  • Explore a broader geographical market area.
  • Leverage your pricing!

How to Use Social Media to Attract New Business (2015)

Business is changing - and agencies are struggling to gain new business. Learn how to use social media to influence decision makers and grow!

  • Michael Gass provides students with a unique inbound marketing plan to promote growth.
  • Access decision makers directly through targeted social media campaigns.
  • Create appealing content that drives traffic and conversion.

Build a Reliable Lead Pipeline

Learn how to consistently generate excellent leads!

  • Know the systems you need to generate leads.
  • Build the right offer that will close deals.
  • Position your agency as THE choice for clients!


Win, Keep and Grow Accounts in 45 Min

Stand out from the crowd with these proven strategies!

  • Learn to position your agency as your client’s most valued asset.
  • Discover how to win your client’s trust, admiration, and respect.
  • Uncover the key to setting your agency apart from the competition.


How To Convert Your Client Proposals

Start converting as a result of your expertly crafted proposals!

  • Learn the #1 tip to closing your percentage
  • Understand how to qualify your prospects
  • Discover a more efficient way to create your proposals


3 Steps to Learn How to Innovate

Create innovative solutions to position your clients as disruptors!

  • Use customer and technology insights to discover opportunities for innovation.

  • Develop an effective Client Innovative Workshop.

  • Turn innovation into new scopes of work!

Persuasive Writing for New Business

Ditch the traditional, ho-hum pitch and spice things up with these techniques!

  • Master a simple five-step process for better writing and editing.
  • Focus on the role of “boilerplate” content and how to more effectively incorporate it into your work.
  • Embrace the most important element of writing - ruthless editing.

How To Write an Annual New Biz Plan

Are you ready to perfect your annual new business strategy?

  • Learn to focus on creating a new business strategy in Q4.

  • Understand the basics of managing your team and giving them the information they need to succeed.

  • Uncover how to best manage your timeline.

The Small Agency Playbook for Winning New Business: 5 Pillars of a New Business-ready Agency

Agencies that have thriving, highly functional new business operations share some common characteristics. Despite what you might expect, they don’t involve hard-core sales tactics or esoteric techniques. In fact, they’re based on straightforward practices that any agency can master.

In this course, you’ll discover what those common characteristics are, why they lead to winning high-quality business, and how you can cultivate those qualities within your own agency.

What Will You Learn

  • The formula for a good “elevator pitch” and why it’s the one marketing tool you can’t do without

  • A framework for determining how much you can afford to investment in pitching

  • Why storytelling is an agency’s secret sales weapon – and what you need to do to master it

  • How to leverage the strengths of your team to build a strong business development practice, no matter the size of your agency

  • How to choose the right tactics you can sustain over time to meet your goals