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Kenny NguyenHow to Brainstorm Your Presentation

By Kenny Nguyen, CEO/Co-Founder of ThreeSixtyEight | August 20, 2018 

People frequently email us to ask how exactly do you brainstorm your content for your presentations. After receiving multiple email requests in the last couple of months, we decided to share our self-developed mind mapping technique with the world. When you are brainstorming the presentation you want to create, follow this process to mind map out your points. It’s important to remember though, that these steps come before actually practicing and/or designing your presentation. READ MORE


Brooke Lawler

How to Thrive as an #ADMOM

By Brooke Lawler, Group Account Director of Midnight Oil | July 3, 2018 

My first boss in advertising set the bar high. I was certain I could never navigate the work-mom-life dance with as much grace, despite her assurances that I could. Fast forward 11 years and several promotions, I am now the mom of two beautiful young boys and a blossoming career in advertising. Amazingly, having kids did not slow down my growth. In some ways, it actually propelled it. I find my mind operates at a new frequency. I now see that being a mom does give you superpowers. READ MORE



A Gold Star For Agency Mothers

By Kerry Griffin and Beryl Greenberg | June 25, 2018 


Sandra Diaz

Are Your Clients Seeking Growth? Fix Their Hispanic Blind Spots.

Contributed by Sandra Diaz, Founder of DIAZ&CO | June 7, 2018 


Mark Strong

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