IPA Digital Performance Certificate, April 3

4A's Members: $450 (Login with your 4A's Profile for Member Discount) / Non Members: $500

What Will You Learn

  • Gain an essential grounding in how to be a successful client manager and strategic thinker.
  • Become better at briefing, planning and executing digital marketing campaigns
  • Understand each of the key disciplines in digital marketing, providing you with a background knowledge that will enable you to hold your own in team and client meetings
  • Learn how to buy traffic through display marketing and how to manage successful campaigns
  • Explore how SEO has evolved and how to make it work for you
  • Understand affiliate marketing, what’s involved and how to manage campaigns successfully
  • Learn about Paid Search and how to efficiently manage your keyword strategies

Who Should Attend

  • Designed for junior practitioners working in the communications industry
  • You may be in your first year within a digital agency or specialist department
  • Ideal for more experienced individuals looking to add knowledge of digital to their existing skill set 


Speed of Trust | Foundations

4A's Member: $850 per person

Non 4A's Member: $1,095 per person

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Trust is the new currency in today’s connected, collaborative world. Contrary to what most people think, creating trust is a learnable skill. When trust is low, individuals become suspicious of each other, their boss, and of the organization. They guard communication, speculate, and disengage. As a result, productivity grinds to a crawl and costs increase.

When trust is high, communication, creativity, and engagement improve. Productivity speeds up and costs decrease as attention is redirected toward objectives instead of suspicion and frustration.

The 4A's is partnering with Franklin Covey to bring you their Speed of Trust® Foundations work session, designed for individuals to become competent in using the framework, language, and behaviors that lead to high-trust teams and organizations. 

Mothers@Agencies: February 27 - May 22, 2019

A Transformational Coaching Program for Agency Leaders

Dates: February 27 - May 22, 2018 | Time: 1pm-2pm Eastern

The 4A’s Mothers@Agencies leadership development program coaches mothers to thrive in this fast-paced agency environment, encouraging them to make bigger contributions, and motivating them to stick around. We know that when mothers shift their perspectives on their work, it becomes contagious and they bring their colleagues along with them. Furthermore, this clarity has exponential impact on both the business and the agency. Only this live, virtual coaching program invites mothers in agencies to learn, share and experience powerful leadership concepts that results in greater confidence, enhanced productivity, stronger relationships and improved work/life balance. This investment in our future leaders is profoundly needed. The unique program guides each participant to hone in on her own definition of success while becoming clear on the immediate actions necessary to impact her whole life. Mothers meet bi-weekly over 16-weeks with a certified coach team who have spent dozens of years in agencies. The coaches expertly steer the conversation and guide mothers to transformation. We invite you send the powerful message on your agency’s values by identifying key agency mothers to join in the Mothers@Agencies experience.


  • Designed for agency mothers at all stages of motherhood, including expectant mothers, new mothers, and experienced mothers

  • Built for agency mothers across all agency disciplines and levels

  • HR leaders/management who are mothers are also encouraged to attend to learn the transformation they can bring to their agency

Launch For Leaders: NYC March 5-6, 2019

4A’s Members: $1,950 per person (Login with your 4A's Profile for Member Discount) / 
Non-4A’s Members: $2,500 per person


Designed to develop the next generation of leaders, Launch for Leaders is a 2-day immersive workshop that provides managers an opportunity to build critical skills to become an effective agency leader.

Over the course of two days, participants will embark and explore key areas of leadership development under the following lenses:

  • Leading the Business: Understand the roles and responsibilities of an effective leader, drive profitability, develop a broader perspective, establish and execute strategic organizational priorities, and create a motivating environment that supports great work.
  • Leading Growth: Discuss organic, reactive and prospective new business growth strategies as well as growth through the lens of recruiting and hiring world-class talent.
  • Leading Clients:  Uncover all aspects of client leadership from understanding clients, building and expanding relationships, leading clients forward and selling transformational ideas through a challenging client case-study scenario.
  • Leading People: Learn critical people skills, such as setting meaningful performance goals, providing effective feedback, collaboration, coaching for better results, dealing with difficult people, and handling conflict.

In addition, individuals will take part in a DiSC for Leaders assessment, which identifies their personal strengths and growth areas in relationship to leadership capability.

4A's Executive Leadership Program, March 26-28,2019, NYC

4A's Members: $2,250 per person (Login with your 4A's Profile for Member Discount)  / Non-4A's Members: $2,650 per person

Research conducted by Harvard University found that about half of those who move into leadership positions fail.

4A’s is once again offering the Executive Leadership Program (ELP), a three-day program specifically designed to provide current and potential leaders from agencies of all sizes and specialties with a set of leadership survival and success tools.

What It’s All About?

The focal point of the course is a globally acclaimed computer-based simulation that challenges participants to lead, manage and improve the performance of a marketing communications agency over time. The result is actionable. 

The Agency Leadership SimulationTM (ALS)

During three simulated years spread over three days, management teams must make about 300 decisions that determine the agency’s (known as Shele House, a network agency in Perth, Australia) success.

Leading Change For Executives

4A's Members: $2,800 per person
4A's Non Members: $3,350 per person

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In March 2019, join an exclusive cohort of C-Suite and senior executives in a 6-week experiential program on Leading Change. 

Today’s agency leader is first and foremost a leader of change.

As the industry continues to be disrupted and evolve, success demands change. Changes in metrics, platforms, communication, business models, and ways of working together. Employees are demanding change, too. More inspiring work, more meaningful feedback, more flexible workplaces and more fast-tracks to growth.

There are many drivers, but change isn’t coming...change is already here. Leading change is now your greatest competitive advantage as an agency executive. Hosted by change experts NOBL Collective in partnership with 4As, you’ll walk away with:

  • Deep insights into why resistance to change happens in an agency environment, and how to overcome it

  • Actionable, easy-to-adopt tools and practices you can use to lead change at all levels in your agency

  • An intimate cohort of fellow agency executives to continue sharing skills, experiences and best practices with

Included In The Program:

  1. Customized, experiential 1.5-day offsite in New York hosted at 4A's

  2. Pairing with another “sponsor” (participate) in the program to build accountability and keep up momentum on leading change 

  3. Three virtual 1.5 hour cohort sessions to provide additional expertise on working through specific change scenarios 

  4. One 50-minute, 1:1 coaching session with NOBL leaders for every participant, providing personalized support in applying the lessons and takeaways from the program 



As a 4A's Member, you receive complimentary access to a handful of on-demand courses you can access: HERE

New Leadership Skills for Client Service Professionals

Free for 4A's Members / Non-4A's Members: $221

Develop the right skillset and mindset to deliver the marketing leadership agencies need!

  • Explore the new leadership skills that marketing professionals need.

  • Learn how agency-client relationships have changed over the past 10 years.

  • Look ahead to the mindset you’ll need to be successful in the future.

How to Increase Your Impact in Meetings

Free for 4A's Members / Non-4A's Members: $221

Increase your impact in meetings and up your influence at work!

  • Increase your speaking time with preparation strategies.

  • Build alliances on your team.

  • Hold the floor for longer using proven tactics.


How To Write an Annual New Biz Plan

Free for 4A's Members / Non-4A's Members: $221

Are you ready to perfect your annual new business strategy?

  • Learn to focus on creating a new business strategy in Q4.

  • Understand the basics of managing your team and giving them the information they need to succeed.

  • Uncover how to best manage your timeline.

Driving Social Media ROI: Rules of the Road

Free for 4A's Members / Non-4A's Members: $221

Prove the return on investment with social media marketing!

  • Set actionable goals that will achieve the desired results.

  • Know which metrics to track.

  • Learn how to use social media to map business outcomes.

What It Takes To Be A Successful Agency Manager

Free for 4A's Members / Non-4A's Members: $221

Are you ready to find success as an agency manager?

  • Learn how to improve the effectiveness of your team.

  • Utilize communication to motivate and inspire.

  • Understand the importance of delegation and prioritization.

How to Take Your Creative Ideas and Sell to Clients

Free for 4A's Members  / Non-4A's Members: $221

Having a creative idea isn’t enough. Learn how to sell your idea and achieve maximum business potential!

  • Create a brief that inspires your client to act.

  • Understand the difference between creative ideas and building creativity.

  • Define clear evaluation criteria to ensure all of your ideas go above and beyond.


Coffee Break Series: Managing the Client Relationship

4A's Members: $325 (Login with your 4A's Profile for Member Discount) / Non-4A's Members: $425

Successful management of client relationships can be very challenging in our business. Yet it can be one of the most rewarding areas of your career development when you master critical client relationship skills.

Managing the Client Relationship is a four-part microlearning course designed to develop and enhance your client relationship management skills. Each course module features a short instructional video led by 4A’s thought leaders Gary Duke and Sheila Campbell of Wild Blue Yonder. To help you apply the techniques covered in the videos, each module includes an interactive questionnaire and a downloadable discussion guide that you can use on your own or in a group training session.

This course is part of the Coffee Break Video Series from Wild Blue Yonder.    

What Will You Learn

  • The five most important responsibilities of account leaders

  • How to earn credibility with clients

  • Negotiating tough topics with clients

  • How to manage client expectations

Coffee Break Video Series: Bringing New Ideas to Clients

4A's Members: $325 (Login with your 4A's Profile for Member Discount) / Non-4A's Members: $425

Knowing when and how to bring new ideas and recommendations to clients are important skills for any agency account manager. And when it comes time to present new ideas to clients, your voice and body language can either help or hurt your chances of getting your clients to say “yes.”

Bring New Ideas to Clients  is a four-part microlearning course designed to develop and enhance your ability to evaluate and sell new ideas to clients. Each course module features a short instructional video led by 4A’s thought leaders Gary Duke and Sheila Campbell of Wild Blue Yonder. To help you apply the techniques covered in the videos, each module includes an interactive questionnaire and a downloadable discussion guide that you can use on your own or in a group training session.

This course is part of the Coffee Break Video Series from Wild Blue Yonder.

What Will You Learn:

  • How to evaluate creative work

  • When to introduce new ideas to clients

  • How to develop a strategy for selling ideas

  • What your voice and body language communicate to clients

Coffee Break Series for Account Management

4A's Members: $895  (Login with your 4A's Profile for Member Discount) / Non Members: $1,195

The Coffee Break Series for Account Management is led by Wild Blue Yonder. This on-demand series includes all three of the on-demand courses including: Managing the Client RelationshipManaging My Everyday WorkBringing New Ideas to Clients. You can also buy them separately if you are interested in a specific module. 

Sessions Include:

  1. Bringing New Ideas to Clients

  2. Managing My Everyday Work

  3. Managing the Client Relationship

The Big Fish Experience: How to Create Compelling Arguments in Your Presentation

4A's Members: $170 (Login with your 4A's Profile for Member Discount) / Non-4A's Members: $221

The success of every idea depends on the strength of how it’s presented. We’ve all had that one “big idea” – that passion project we’ve worked through the night and into the morning. Everyone has felt the drive that comes with it, and the desire to see it come to life. However, the next groundbreaking idea can’t be hindered or ignored just because it was presented badly. That’s why, in this presentation, Kenny Nguyen of ThreeSixtyEight details the process of how they craft engaging content through interactive exercises for some of the world’s biggest brands and game changing startups.

  • How to craft a compelling big idea to challenge your audience

  • How to develop an effective call to action

  • How to build a more cohesive structure for your presentation through an easy mind mapping process

  • Strategies to best open and close your presentation


A Modern Approach to Ad Agency New Business in 10 Lessons

4A's Members: $630 (Login with your 4A's Profile for Member Discount)  / Non-4A's Members: $899

Ad Agency New Business Training revolutionized. On-demand winning content straight to your conference room. Everything your agency needs to know about how to win new business in 10 separate training modules.

  • How to get your entire agency on the same page!
  • The Four Ways to Grow Your Business
      1. Organic Growth
      2. Referrals
      3. RFP’s
      4. Recruiting the Clients You Want
  • Creating a Strategic Growth Plan Around the Four Ways to Grow
  • The “Four P’s” of Business Development
      1. Positioning…the importance and approach to finding your unique voice
      2. Prospecting…we’ll debunk some myths and coach you on how to build the ideal prospect list for your agency
      3. Pitching…how the modern meeting has changed the pitch dynamic\
      4. Pricing…yes, you can make more $ AND strengthen your client relationships   

Engaging Hispanics For Growth

4A's Members: $170 (Login with your 4A's Profile for Member Discount) / Non-4A's Members: $221

As your clients embark on the difficult task of delivering growth in a mature market like the U.S., they may be unaware of how their desired outcomes are being fueled or hindered by Hispanics. By executing the action steps in this course, you will be able to shed light on the impact of Hispanics to your client's results, providing them the specifics on the incremental dollars they can drive by focusing on Hispanics, plus the unique insights and strategic approach needed to effectively personalize their offering to capitalize on U.S. Hispanic market growth. 

  • 5 Questions to Assess Hispanic Impact 

  • 5 Ways to Quantify Your Hispanic Opportunity 

  • 7 Cost-Effective Ideas to Generate Insights

  • 3 Approaches to Engaging Hispanics 

Media Relations Essentials: Present Like A Champ

 4A's Members: $170 (Login with your 4A's Profile for Member Discount) / Non-4A's Members: $221

This webinar is designed to build on and sharpen existing communications skills to allow you to shine in any speaking situation. We will cover tips and information to help amplify your energy, expertise and authenticity. Information will also be provided on effective use of body language, humor and anecdotes. In addition, we will cover handling confrontational media questions and situations. The goal is to ensure you are prepared, in control and confident in all speaking situations, from media interviews, keynote speeches, panel presentations TED talks, internal meetings, product launches and more.

What Will You Learn

  • How to refine a message for the media/public

  • How to build Confidence through body language

  • The Do’s and dont’s for print and broadcast interviews

  • Tips for doing webinars

  • Public speaking tips for podiums, panels or internal meetings

Evolution of Project Management: Roles and Responsibilities in the Modern Agency

4A's Members: $170 (Login with your 4A's Profile for Member Discount) / Non-4A's Members: $221

With Account positions in advertising perhaps as old as the industry itself and with the discipline of Project Management being seen in agencies for a fraction of that time, many agencies are still trying to determine the right mix of roles and responsibilities between Account and Project Managers. In this webinar, we will help clarify what the core responsibilities of each role can be and how they can work successfully together.
  • What is the difference between Project Managers and Account Managers

  • A detailed recommendation on roles and responsibilities for each role

  • When both roles are in place, what does success look like

Evolution of Project Management: Connecting Producers with Finance

4A's Members: $170 (Login with your 4A's Profile for Member Discount) / Non-4A's Members: $221

When it comes to production and finance, everybody’s looking at the same thing: the bottom line. This webinar will look at that too—while also exploring the relationship between production and finance. We’ll discuss why collaboration between these teams is so important and the impact it can have on projects, day-to-day agency life, and, yes, the bottom line.

  • Identifying project pitfalls and scope creep that are contributing to decreased profits

  • Staffing and resourcing properly to maximize overhead

  • Introducing production into the initial contract phase of client onboarding

A Streamlined Test and Learn Approach

4A's Members: $170 (Login with your 4A's Profile for Member Discount) / Non-4A's Members: $221

The one constant in the digital world is change. Better ways to work emerge. Channels converge. Amid all this complexity, clients demand increased transparency. That’s why grounding every aspect of your digital marketing efforts in efficient test-and-learn strategies is essential to understanding and optimizing results. In this webinar, you will learn faster and better ways to enhance digital results by using the power of hypothesis setting and easy scalable test-and-learn programs.

  • Best practices for building a robust test-and-learn framework to understand digital impact

  • How to quickly assess current state and establish baseline data

  • Three platforms and technologies you may not have thought of testing — but should consider

  • Why it starts with a hypothesis: measurement planning and expectation setting

  • How to apply test-and-learn to cross-screen, complex campaigns

  • How to bring transparency to the test to ensure client trust

Beat the Robots: Your Brand Story

4A's Members: $170 (Login with your 4A's Profile for Member Discount) / Non-4A's Members: $221

Whether you have lived a golden life of access and privilege or have overcome massive obstacles every step of the way, your combination of traits and experiences are what make you unique. We share techniques for taking your life story and turning it into your brand story, showing why you are irreplaceable by any man, woman or machine.

  • How to select from the many experiences in your life in order to craft a narrative that makes you stand out from the competition – and the technology
  • Ways to share your story with your colleagues and your industry so you remain top-of-mind when the best opportunities arise

The Small Agency Playbook for Winning New Business: 5 Pillars of a New Business-ready Agency

4A's Members: $170 (Login with your 4A's Profile for Member Discount)  / Non-4A's Members: $221

Agencies that have thriving, highly functional new business operations share some common characteristics. Despite what you might expect, they don’t involve hard-core sales tactics or esoteric techniques. In fact, they’re based on straightforward practices that any agency can master.

In this course, you’ll discover what those common characteristics are, why they lead to winning high-quality business, and how you can cultivate those qualities within your own agency.

What Will You Learn

  • The formula for a good “elevator pitch” and why it’s the one marketing tool you can’t do without

  • A framework for determining how much you can afford to investment in pitching

  • Why storytelling is an agency’s secret sales weapon – and what you need to do to master it

  • How to leverage the strengths of your team to build a strong business development practice, no matter the size of your agency

  • How to choose the right tactics you can sustain over time to meet your goals


We’re pleased to share sponsored partnership content for all industry professionals. Enjoy the complimentary on-demand courses from our partners below.

Rock Your LinkedIn Profile

 Free for both 4A's Members and Non-4A's Members

Learn to leverage your LinkedIn profile to get more leads and build your brand!

  • Understand the importance of a strong professional brand on social media.

  • Discover how to create a rockstar profile.

  • Use your profile to continue growing your brand and reputation!

How Agencies Can Harness The Power of People-Based Marketing

 Free for both 4A's Members and Non-4A's Members

Brands want to execute people-based marketing across all channels and devices. How do we know? The largest brands have told us so, and studies by Morar Research confirm that 84% of marketers agree. Driving this demand is the need for more effective audience targeting, more precise and accurate measurement, and a more seamless brand experience across all consumer touchpoints. And these marketers are looking to agencies for help.As the people on the front lines, it’s up to agencies to guide brands toward success, and that starts with leveraging the people-based marketing tactics that are working so well on Facebook—everywhere else, too. In this webinar learn how people-based marketing has to power to level-up your marketing, including use cases from agencies already seeing success.

  • What People-Based Marketing is, and how it’s evolving

  • What agencies need to get started, from the know-how to tools and integrations

  • How and why to execute people-based planning, buying and measurement

  • The results and improvements people-based marketing delivers, from better ROI measurement to improving reach and frequency management

Beyond Impressions: How to Make Your Video Ad Results Stand Out from the Pack

 Free for both 4A's Members and Non-4A's Members

You’re under constant pressure to generate the most impactful video advertising results for your clients—and that’s why you can’t afford to judge a campaign’s success on impressions or clicks alone.

  • Why current standards for video advertising success are limited—and the metrics you should be focusing on instead

  • Why the video dominance of Facebook and Google has been vastly overstated

  • How to leverage video to engage in two-way conversations with consumers, allowing you to learn more about your clients’ target audiences and serve them content that’s more likely to convert

Stay on Top of YouTube’s Biggest Trends

Free for both 4A's Members and Non-4A's Members

In this course you will be presented with three top trending videos on YouTube from the past quarter that your audience is watching. The videos were handpicked as the most influential and impactful videos, representative of broader trends surfacing on YouTube. 
But what does this mean for agencies and their brands? With a series of discussion questions, we invite advertising creatives and media planners to unpack these trends and consider implications for future marketing opportunities. 

Intro to Advanced TV for Agencies, presented by dataxu®️

 Free for both 4A's Members and Non-4A's Members

Whether or not it’s Upfronts season, chances are that your agency does some type of TV or video buying for your clients. In 2018, the brands you work with are looking to learn more about innovative new forms of television, as well as the unique targeting and attribution capabilities they offer. This means it’s time for you to become an expert on all things Advanced TV.

This video course (made of 6 short, snackable modules) should take you no more than fifteen minutes total to complete. By the end of this course, you’ll have a newfound understanding of if Connected TV is right for your clients, and what to look out for when buying on their behalf.

Engaging Video Ad Experiences: Lessons for Today’s Marketers

 Free for both 4A's Members and Non-4A's Members

In an increasingly fragmented and competitive content environment, marketers need to know what strategies actually work.  Will fewer ads improve viewer experience? Are shorter ads better? How much does ad repetition annoy viewers?

  • The factors that impact viewers when watching ad-supported content: choreography, repetition, relevance, control, and execution

  • How the premium video experience compares to linear television and other forms of digital advertising

  • How the industry is using innovative new ad formats, including 6 second ads and interactive/ engagement ads